The present bakery is about 50 years old. It has one oven and is heated by firewood. The oven outlet is made from cast iron. The family has however ceased to bake local bread and has thrown itself wholly into baking traditional Ftajjar (local pies made from unleavened dough). The Maxokk Bakery produces 16 varieties of Ftira and Pizza. The"Ftira tal-Maxokk" is very popular and both tourists and locals flock to order either at the bakery or else by telephone.
Call: 2155 0014

Orders are taken by phone from 08:30 am

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday - from 10:30 till 19:00
Sunday - 13:00 - 19:00

how to find us...

Maxokk Bakery
St. James Street,
Nadur, Gozo.

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